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Receive help for your financial troubles

The bankruptcy Law Offices of Jaworski & Gorius has emphasized Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy since 1987. Our expert attorneys have helped clients protect against wage garnishments, home foreclosure and car repossession. We are fully versed in bankruptcy laws and the protection we provide for your valuable assets.

- Helping clients behind on the mortgage

- Assisting in debt renegotiation for better terms

- Payment plans that permit continued ownership of house, car, etc.

Our Chapter 13 services include:

- Wiping out debt for a fresh start

- Keeping property under finance in some cases

- Assistance to those who can't make minimum payments Too often,   people wait too late before asking for help

Our Chapter 7 services include:

Count on the professionals at Jaworski & Gorius to help you with your debt.

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